Frequently Asked Questions

What is your style in Wedding Photography?

The style of Seamless Creatives is called ‘tale’s storyteller’.   Beautiful and candid documentation of your special day. We capture natural-looking and timeless photos. The team loves to capture important moments. Images of your venue’s decorations and other stationery are great, but we appreciate you! We’d like to capture your story.

Seamless Creatives’ images are stunning. Our films are emotionally intense and very cinematic. Our photographs are striking and visually stunning. We offer creative direction whenever people require assistance. We also take advantage of the lighting.

How many weddings have you had the opportunity to capture?

I’ve already covered more than 50 weddings in New Zealand. This includes the ones at my previous company and other projects that I have been lucky enough to be a part of!

Do you have references or testimonials we can check?

Hear what our clients are saying about us! We’ve got a Client’s Corner that quotes testimonials from satisfied customers that can be found on the Home page of our website.

How long will it take for you to edit and upload all the photos?

The contract requires us to deliver 8 weeks’ worth of high-quality video and photos.

Do you have a deposit policy?

The 25% deposit will be used to secure the date.

What if something comes up and I needed to cancel?

The 25% deposit is not refundable in cases that you need to cancel.


Auckland, New Zealand

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