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Hi! I’m Rainier Manalo, a professional photographer and videographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I lead the amazing team of Seamless Creatives. We specialize in wedding, elopement, and engagement photography. We do well in capturing the candor of the moment.

I always loved going to weddings. There was something about the joy and love in the air that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. As I got older, I started to think about what it would be like to capture those moments for other couples. And then, one day, I fell in love with wedding photography. It was an amazing feeling to know that I could help capture some of the happiest moments in someone’s life! 

I love to capture the candid and natural moments of the wedding.  Back then, capturing the candid, natural, and happiest moments of other couples inspired me to propose to my girlfriend, and now, my wife. The desire to be a professional wedding photographer started when I saw the candid moments of my own wedding. My inspiration came from there. Since then, I’ve captured more than 50 weddings here in New Zealand, and my passion for this art continues to grow stronger every day. Nowadays you can find me on any given day capturing beautiful elopements or intimate weddings.  I can say that I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living! 

If you’re interested in having me capture your special day, please feel free to get in touch

Our Expertise

We are experts at photographing your entire day, whatever the light. From moments in daylight to those on a dance floor – we will make sure you never regret not having captured that special moment with our cameras!

Our Flexibility

You can always count on us to make the best of any situation. We won’t let you down when things get hectic, and even if there’s rain forecasted for tomorrow morning – no problem! Just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself knowing that my team is handling all photography requirements while still capturing those happy moments from your wedding day.

Our Creativity

A significant part of how we make photos that show your unique traits is by paying attention to how you interact with each other and the places that are meaningful to you. We blend your ideas with our years of experience and passion for nature’s beauty in New Zealand, to create images that showcase your individuality and the surroundings around you.

Our Connection

To ensure that we really connect, we will spend time getting to know each other. I will ask you all the appropriate questions. Instead of taking photos right away, we will talk about your plans, and let loose. We need to get at ease with each other beforehand.


Auckland, New Zealand

Connection is crucial for creating authentic experiences. Please fill out the form for the inquiry below.

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